Raw Materials

Cassigoli Editions has selected only the top: two amongst the most renowned and popular types of Wood; Leather; Metal (brass) for metal accessories; Metal leaf; Gold Electroplating; Plexiglass; Parchment; Precious stones.


Cassigoli Editions has selected two amongst the most renowned and popular types of wood: Rosewood and Briarwood. The Rosewood, one of the finest and most sought-after woods, is offered only as solid wood, worked by a highly specialized joiner’s workshop to enhance its purity and lend it an unparalleled richness.
The Briarwood, carefully selected, comes from the Maremma region, Southern Tuscany, an area which has always been particularly devoted to the collection and processing of Heather, used in the manufacturing of smoking pipes. After having been hand-collected in the inland forest, the materials are left to boil during 24 hours and subsequently undergo a long and complex seasoning. Now they are ready to be processed.

By means of selecting the rare big-sized pieces, Cassigoli obtains the exquisite details which embellish its products.


Santa Croce, in the province of Pisa (Tuscany), is home to the most important industrial district of leather in Italy for Fashion System. The leather Cassigoli Editions selects by carefully examining the degree and the appropriateness of tanning and finishing according to the specific type of processing, is the same used by the best ‘Made in Italy’ labels. As for Crocodile leather, the Kaiman Crocodillus Yakare is the selection made and offered by Cassigoli, while the Python leather, be it from Python curtus, Molurus or Reticulatus, is of the same quality used for high-end handbags.

Metal leaf

For the decoration and coating of some of Cassigoli Editions products, our craftsmen use either pure 23 and ¾ carats Gold leaf or pure Silver leaf. The latter is applied through the complex and costly ‘gouache’ technique, which allows to polish the stone, thus lending it thorough brilliance. For details that need to be less reflective as well as for the most original and modern designs, imitation gold or silver leaf is used, instead. The latter is applied through the mordant technique.


The parchment on which our artists perform their awe-inspiring paintings is not just paper treated with acid to imitate parchment, but rather the real precious and rare Parchment, the Vellum (sheepskin or goatskin that has undergone the proper ancient lime tanning process which makes it slightly translucent) which lends our products a unique refinement and all the genuineness of our historical background. .

Tuscany High-end Handicrafts

Cassigoli is a brand of exclusive and highly elegant furnishing accessories. Cassigoli products represent the perfect mix between luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity of processing and raw material.