Craftsmanship & processing

Cassigoli Editions brand has always been characterized by the thorough and exclusive craftsmanship of its manufacturing processes and the extremely careful selection of raw materials.

Leather dressing

Some of our Home Accessories, or some parts of them, are coated with leather, varying from calf to crocodile or python, depending on different interpretations. For this delicate operation, Cassigoli relies upon the expert hands of Tuscan artisans who, after having carefully examined the color, shades, and performances of the matter of each individual element, cut, assemble, paste and thus turn a simple frame into a product of unparalleled splendor and beauty. The presence of any possible imperfections is nothing but evidence that the dressing is performed manually. This occurs especially with laminated leather, since this particular kind of leather certainly is much more fragile and prone to small tears in the external layer. Therefore, imperfections are absolutely inevitable in such complex hand-made products as ours.


One of the operations we perform, when it comes to Art Object frames for instance, is the ‘gouache’ gilding with pure 23 and ¾ carats Gold leaf. Said delicate and complex process is carried out through traditional techniques like the ones used to create the masterpieces of the past. As a first step, the frame is coated with an animal glue- and plaster-based liquid paste, then it is polished, at least three times, to achieve a homogeneous and smooth surface. After that, the frame is coated with a layer of bole, a compound of glues and inorganic pigments which, depending on its composition, will result in the chromatic shades of the coating, on which the Pure Gold leaf is applied. Once the coating is completed, the artisan shall smooth the entire surface with an agate in order to lend gold the right degree of shine. Any possible small imperfections visible in the finished item are the best guarantee of a true handcrafted work. Other frames are painted or coated with imitation gold or silver leaf, instead. In this case, the mordant technique is used: after having obtained a homogeneous background surface, glue is sprinkled on which gold and silver sheets are laid until the whole surface is covered. As a last step, a protective transparent varnish is applied, which both lends the desired shine to the surface and serves as a protective shield.


The pictorial expression characterizing some of Cassigoli products is of a very high level, whether that be icons, watercolors or Indian ink.
The icons are made by artists from our area who have long studied the specific techniques in well established art academies. In order to create these small masterpieces, it is necessary to treat the frame, that is to say a wooden board, with a liquid plaster and rabbit skin glue based mixture and subsequently smooth the surface. The next step is engraving the contours of the figures and applying the Pure Gold leaf background. Now the moment has come to paint the figures with colors made from egg and natural pigments. To achieve the typical and characteristic icon effect, here, unlike in standard painting techniques, the painting process goes the other way round: starting from darker hues on to the lighter ones, until you get the desired result using the necessary shading.
Where watercolor paintings on real parchment are concerned (sheepskin or goatskin depending on the circumstances), Cassigoli artists always stick to the classical rules to obtain the best possible result, even though a certain extent of influence from iconography also must be acknowledged. Indeed, the colors, varying according to the subject portrayed, are made from egg and natural pigments and some details are accentuated through the application of Pure Gold leaf.


Thanks to the cooperation with one of the leading manufacturer of methacrylate for the world of fashion and luxury, Cassigoli Editions are able to offer top custom details for all home accessories needs.

Some possible ideas?

Production of polymethylmethacrylate sheets that can be incorporated with fabrics, metallic, wood and special polymers and used for a wide range of creations.

Metal Detail

Thanks to the cooperation with one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of metal accessories for clothing, footwear and leatherwear to international fashion houses and of precision mechanical components to the Automotive, Lighting and Eyewear industries, Cassigoli Editions are able to offer top custom details for all home accessories needs.

Tuscany High-end Handicrafts

Cassigoli is a brand of exclusive and highly elegant furnishing accessories. Cassigoli products represent the perfect mix between luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity of processing and raw material.